Between the years of 2015 and 2020 nearly 100 people shared their personal story of overcoming a life changing difficulty. Each person was vulnerable and offered their experience in hopes of helping someone else. They shared their time at no cost and received no financial benefit, There contribution has been preserved on my personal blog and is also available on Anchor Podcast. This will direct you to the Anchor Podcast website: [ https://anchor.fm/lvmountaintops]

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The blog entry of each interview is available by clicking the link below, which will redirect you to [my personal blog].

Podcast Interviews: Overcoming

  1. Jordan Agolli -car accident https://ginajohnson.ca/jordanagolli/
  2. Les Stratford – heart attack -massive weight loss https://ginajohnson.ca/lestratford/
  3. Joel Boggess – child hood fall from train trestle  https://ginajohnson.ca/joelboggess/
  4. Nick Pavlidis – second chance at marriage https://ginajohnson.ca/nickpavlidis/
  5. Martin Bailey – surviving a brain tumour https://ginajohnson.ca/martinbailey/
  6. John Ramstead – healing from a catastrophic horse accident https://ginajohnson.ca/johnramstead-2/ 
  7. Dale Spencer – Train Trestle Fall to Inspiring Speaker https://ginajohnson.ca/dalespencer/
  8. John Dumas – Near Death Experience During Military Training  https://ginajohnson.ca/johnleedumas/
  9.  Timothy Lawson – Overcoming Cancer As a Teen https://ginajohnson.ca/timothylawson/
  10. Nicole Wipp – Estate Planning https://ginajohnson.ca/nicolewippestateplanning/                            part 2 https://ginajohnson.ca/nicolewippestateplanning2/
  11. Christopher Hostetler -Child gun shot injury, living with life long impact of child hood injury: https://ginajohnson.ca/christopherhostetler/
  12. Chaplain Mike – Moreno on Healing after War in Iraq https://ginajohnson.ca/mikemoreno/
  13. Reverend Ray Rose -Stroke Recovery https://ginajohnson.ca/rayrose/
  14. Stephen Garrett – Canadas First Death Coach https://ginajohnson.ca/stephengarrett/
  15. Dilemma Mike – The Fort Leavenworth Story https://ginajohnson.ca/davidmike/ ‎
  16. Matt Ham – Our Scars are a Place of Healing https://ginajohnson.ca/mattham/
  17. Paul Colaianni – Why Relationships Fail https://ginajohnson.ca/paulcolaianni/
  18. Fidel Rodriguez – Deciding to Thrive from a Jail Cell ‎https://ginajohnson.ca/fidelrodriguez/
  19. Bruce Van Horn – Overcoming Cancer https://ginajohnson.ca/brucevanhorn/
  20. Jamie Gilbert – Identity https://ginajohnson.ca/jamiegilbert/
  21. Bobbi Parish – Overcoming the Trauma from Sexual Abuse https://ginajohnson.ca/bobbiparrish/
  22. Terri Lawton – Healing from a Concussion https://ginajohnson.ca/terrilawton/
  23. Holly Boyce – Healing from Cancer https://ginajohnson.ca/hollyboyce/
  24. Michele Rosenthal – Healing from PTSD https://ginajohnson.ca/24ptsd/
  25. Eugene Brown – Big House to the Chess House https://ginajohnson.ca/25chess/
  26. Lori Jean Finnila – Healing from Physical Abuse https://ginajohnson.ca/26healing/
  27. Stacy Curtis -Healing from Divorce https://ginajohnson.ca/27divorce/
  28. John John Genovese – Healing from Degenerative Disc Disease https://ginajohnson.ca/28bypass/ and Healing after a Miscarriage https://ginajohnson.ca/28healingaftermiscarriage/
  29. David Rachford – Naval Fire Fighting Training Accident https://ginajohnson.ca/29naval/
  30. Claire Yeung – Career Burnout https://ginajohnson.ca/30-2/
  31. Melissa Marshall – Overcoming Cancer https://ginajohnson.ca/31-2/
  32. Angus Nelson – Finding God at Rock Bottom https://ginajohnson.ca/32rockbottom/
  33. Dave Sanderson – Miracle on the Hudson https://ginajohnson.ca/33hudson/
  34. Miklós Szigeti on Overcoming The Odds from a Car Accident https://ginajohnson.ca/34overcomingtheodds/
  35. Connie Strasheim – Lyme Disease and Battle of the Mind https://ginajohnson.ca/35winningthebattle/
  36. Dr. C.J. Huff – Devastating Tornado to Resilient Community https://ginajohnson.ca/36resilientcommunities/
  37. Chris Shea – Finding Inner Peace https://ginajohnson.ca/37innerpeace/
  38. Louise Ennis – What’s Next after Cancer https://ginajohnson.ca/38whatsnext/
  39. Jake French – Positive Mindset after becoming Paralyzed https://ginajohnson.ca/jakefrench/
  40. Nicole Wipp – Thriving Despite a Rare Lund Disease https://ginajohnson.ca/nwhipp/
  41. James Swanwick – 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge https://ginajohnson.ca/jamesswanwick/
  42. Angela True – Orphan from Gun Violence https://ginajohnson.ca/angelatrue/
  43. Jacob McCrae – Arthritis at 30 https://ginajohnson.ca/jacobmccrae/
  44. The Mindset to Perform with Katrina Froese – https://ginajohnson.ca/katrinagoff/
  45. Wade Galt – the 4 Day Work Week https://ginajohnson.ca/wadegalt/
  46. Heather Hancock – Cerebral Palsy Warrior https://ginajohnson.ca/heatherhancock/
  47. Rachel Barber – Overcoming Fibromyalgia and SIBO https://ginajohnson.ca/rachelbarber/
  48. Ryan Esquivel – Survivors Guilt https://ginajohnson.ca/ryanmesquivel/
  49. Valerie Groth – Massive Dreams https://ginajohnson.ca/valeriegroth/
  50. Ashley James – Achieving Health Naturally https://ginajohnson.ca/ashleyjames/
  51. Dr. Cobi – Healthy Mind and Hormones https://ginajohnson.ca/drcobi/
  52. Ana Melikian – Fixed and Growth Mindset https://ginajohnson.ca/anamelikian/
  53. Doug Holt – What is Missing https://ginajohnson.ca/dougholt/
  54. Katrina Goff – Post Traumatic Growth from Failed Relationships https://ginajohnson.ca/katrinagoff/
  55. Jiaying Zhao – Scarcity Mindset https://ginajohnson.ca/jiayingzhao/
  56. Danny Bader – Heaven’s Front Porch https://ginajohnson.ca/dannybader/
  57. Nate Ridgeway – Frustrated, Stressed, and In Debt to the Abundance Mindset https://ginajohnson.ca/nateridgeway/
  58. David Ralph – Burnout to Thriving Solopreneur https://ginajohnson.ca/davidralph/ 
  59. James Swanwick –  the Mindset to Socialize Alcohol Free https://ginajohnson.ca/jamesswanwick2/
  60. Rhonda Britten – Second Chances https://ginajohnson.ca/rhondabritten/
  61. Mike Stone – Heart for Jesus https://ginajohnson.ca/mikestone/
  62. Karly Nimo -show notes compromised https://ginajohnson.ca/karlynimmo/
  63. Anna Milne – When a Child Attempts to Take Their Life https://ginajohnson.ca/annamilne/
  64. Rachel DesRochers – Gratitude’s Lifeline https://ginajohnson.ca/racheldesrochers/
  65. James Newcomb – Wyred to win https://ginajohnson.ca/jamesnewcomb/
  66. Nicole Burgess – Ending the Overwhelm https://ginajohnson.ca/nicoleburgess/
  67. Marina Pearson – Helping Mom’s Ditch the Stress and Find Joy https://ginajohnson.ca/marinapearson/
  68. Karen Liebenguth – Intentions that Succeed https://ginajohnson.ca/karenliebenguth/
  69. Kelly Baader – Kingdom Mindset https://ginajohnson.ca/kellybaader/
  70. Steve Reiter – Do Good, Be Awesome https://ginajohnson.ca/stevereiter/
  71. Scott Maderer – Master your Time and Treasures https://ginajohnson.ca/scottmaderer/
  72. LIsa Orkin – Project Woo Woo https://ginajohnson.ca/lisaorkin/
  73. Julie Ann Sullivan – Business Culture and Mindset https://ginajohnson.ca/julieannsullivan/
  74. Maneesh Sethi – ADHD as a Superpower https://ginajohnson.ca/adhd-a-superpower-with-maneesh-sethi/
  75. John Graham – Finding Meaning https://ginajohnson.ca/finding-meaning-with-john-graham/
  76. Misha Yurchenko – Bullish on Bitcoin https://ginajohnson.ca/mishayurchenko/
  77. Rob Decker – Something to Live For https://ginajohnson.ca/robdecker/
  78. Geoff Hughes – Vision https://ginajohnson.ca/geoffhughes/ 
  79. Aaron Keith Hawkins – Why Did This Happen to Me? https://ginajohnson.ca/aaronkeithhawkins/
  80. Michael Hsu – Heal from the Ground Up https://ginajohnson.ca/michaelhsu/
  81. Mj Callaway – Fearless Faith Mindset https://ginajohnson.ca/mjcallaway/
  82. Dr. Jennifer “Kaylene” Carter – From Diagnosis to Dreaming Again https://ginajohnson.ca/kaylene/
  83. Engel Jones – the Power of Conversation https://ginajohnson.ca/engeljones/
  84. Manuj Aggarwal – Bootstrapping your Dreams https://ginajohnson.ca/manuj-aggarwal/
  85. Daeyna Jackson – How to Forgive and Live after a Painful Divorce https://ginajohnson.ca/daeyna/
  86. Craig Dias – Kidney Transplant and Entrepreneurship https://ginajohnson.ca/craigdias/
  87. Jessie Ace – Multiple Sclerosis into Enabled Warrior https://ginajohnson.ca/jessieace/
  88. Jerry Braizie – Rags to Riches https://ginajohnson.ca/jerrybrazie/
  89. Kat McLead – Overcoming Devastating Childhood Abuse and Working in the Sex Industry to Living the Dream Life as a Millionaire Stay At Home Mom Entrepreneur https://ginajohnson.ca/katmclead/
  90. Sean Douglas – Saved from Suicide https://ginajohnson.ca/seandouglas/
  91. LeRon Barton – Overcoming Rejection https://ginajohnson.ca/leronbarton/
  92. Carol Graham – Battered Hope https://ginajohnson.ca/carolgraham/
  93. AC Fisher – Finding His Voice https://ginajohnson.ca/fischer/
  94. Daniel Kold – Choosing a Good Life https://ginajohnson.ca/danielkold/


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